I've already started thinking about book no.2. Well, a new book no.2 as what was originally book no.2 started life as book no.1 and now is book no.3. It's easy to keep putting this book back, as it's the freeform/creativity with wool idea, the original idea, and that needs time to grow and develop.

I digress.

Some folk may have already worked out that one the techniques used in book no.1 is Kitchener Stitch. It's nowt to be scared of, honest. Trust me when I say I'll be covering it and covering it well. Better than anywhere I've seen or read of late. It's not that I love this stitch and get excited whenever I use it... although it is fair to say that I get a satisfaction from seeing a project neatly finished. The reason I like this stitch is because I understand it. And you know how I try to share and explain things clearly.

Thing is, although it's covered, it's not being exploited, not being stripped as bare as it could.

So for book no.2 I was thinking... "Kitchener Unravelled" (Tom would like me to point out that the title is his idea). I'd break it down to it's bare bones. Give full tutorials for grafting as many stitches as possible, far more than included in Book no.1, covering ribs, moss stitch and so on. Then in the final chapter break the code and enable the reader to be able to work out how to graft a more complex stitch by themselves.

It's quite do-able from my point of view, as it'd build on some of the work I'm doing for book no.1 (which should be up on Lulu come September/October!)(quicker production than most books, true, but that's the joy of working for yourself and having a fantastic team)

So, book no.2 - Hit or Miss?

ps/ happy birthday to my Mum! (that's blogless Gloria to many)

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