Tom discovered these the weekend I was up at WoolFest. The same weekend that my body hinted that I may be pregnant. Blogless Gloria thinks this is a sign that we're expecting twins; we don't find this as amusing as she does.

Notice if you will, the close proximity of their chosen derelict plant pot to the cat flap. Pigeon's are so stupid.

This is what happens when your cats go on holiday for a month. They were only home for a week before being shipped back to Essex and the delights of stairs and a big garden. It just wasn't fair to lock them up in doors and be tormented all day by all the feathery activity on the balcony.

The chicks are now much bigger and noisy too, demanding food. Mother pigeon has gotten used to me and Tom popping out onto the balcony to hang washing and such, which is a relief. I know most folk consider pigeons to be vermin, but there's no way on this planet I'd evict this family.

Otherwise, life's ok. Still a little foggy and the ol' brain isn't always willing... but there have been flickers of creativity this morning, so that's a good sign. No morning sickness as such, rather random nausea. However, there has been more knitting:-

Just a couple of my early patterns in miniature form. These haven't been blocked yet. As soon as the brain is willing, I'll take some better photos and re-write the patterns then add them to the free patterns page on the website for download. No doubt I'll be making many more, so shall add them as I go. Don't think I need to say that our baba will have the funkiest Hats, do I ;)

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