Not quite out of the woods, but nearly. Kinda strange how coming of the AD's is harder work than stopping smoking and caffeine, innit.

To help a little, I started some other knitting. Not book knitting, as that (fingers' crossed) appears to be done for now. Not everything all done - just the patterns and samples all finished. All 23+ of them. The patterns now need checking and sizing. One photo shoot left then the tutorials to do.

So I allowed myself to make one of these :-

Which became one of these :-

It is, of course, Zimmerman's Surprise Baby Jacket.

This is the first time I've knitted one, and have wanted a reason to knit one for a while now. Genius idea, as we all know, yet it's not until you make one yourself that the delight is fully revealed.

This one uses 115g of wool oddments, knitted on 3.25mm with a gauge of about 22 or 24sts per 10cm/4 inches. Thanks to my fave 'split & spit' method of joining yarn, there were no ends to sew in except the cast-on and cast-off tails. Glad the brain was working ahead on that score.

Size wise, with the buttons closed it'd be 16" chest, as it is it's 17", so (I'm told) that's a size 3-6 months? Anyway, we rather like it.

Tom's still trying to work out how to wear it, though...


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