Look what I did :-
I've been trying to find an old photo to demonstrate just how much I have done, as in true style I forgot to take a 'before' shot. And of course the one disc that has all the photos on it doesn't want to talk to my laptop this morning.

A before shot (a photo from a couple of years ago with the lounge looking *very* tidy) :-

So it was all dismantled, stacked up and all the shelving we don't need right now was put back to make it all liveable for the time being. A lot of work, and am dead chuffed with meself. Even Tom was gobsmacked.

You can now see how seriously dirty that wall is, after being hidden for years.

So now the list looks like this:-

  1. Stack books. Done!
  2. Stack and sort vinyl records Done-ish
  3. Pile DVD's and CD's & sort Done!
  4. Dismantle shelves Done!
  5. Sort rest of the toot on the shelves and bin (read: be ruthless) - In progress
  6. Organise a date for a record fair so I can finally shift the last of my vinyl (if anyone knows any dealers, do shout) (my vinyl is the largest obstacle to be tackled)
  7. List at least 10 items for sale on Ebay a week for the next month or so or until it's all gone. Under way! Check my Ebay listings for all sorts of stuff.
  8. List last of hand-dyed yarns dead cheap to shift them. All sold, ta!
  9. Take 2 car loads to the charity shops by this time next week. - one boot full already.
  10. Tackle those couple of boxes under the bed that never see the light of day. (We all have them ;)
  11. Accept the fact that the book may have to wait a week or so. This leads into....
  12. Stop allowing knitting to become a distraction. Sorted. Am only allowed to knit of an evening from now on.
  13. Try to remember what day it is in an effort to keep track of time. Getting the hang of this... I know it is saturday morning, for instance.
There has also been some knitting, during the evenings as promised, but I ain't showing that.

And now I must drink at least a litre of strong coffee as we're off to work on Barp again. We leave for Glastonbury thursday morning, so she's gotta have a lot done this weekend so she'll be ready for us to spend nearly 2 weeks in her.

Enjoy the weekend, all your lucky beggers that get to lay in and not fight with upholstery fabric and a sewing machine.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead