5 of you nagged me. 5! You can all do better than that, surely?!

In all fairness, I have been a good girl and done some of the things on the list, but as it was the weekend we hopped down to Essex for our usual weekend work on Barp.

We didn't just work on her, we spent our first two nights in her! And boy, is she comfy. We made our first coffee on the stove, cooked our first bacon sarnies, cooked our first dinner and even had guests over for a drink on saturday night. Waking up in her after a comfy nights' sleep was the best thing ever. Almost too good, as coming back to this flat was not only an anticlimax but made me feel like a part-timer.

Even the cats enjoyed their stay at my Dad's, with the ever so exciting (lets charge up and down them constantly) stairs and the smells of a new, large garden. Although strangely, Spook didn't like walking on the grass.

Moving on to the list. Some of it has been done! Let's have another look.....

  1. Stack books. Done!
  2. Stack and sort vinyl records.
  3. Pile DVD's and CD's & sort.
  4. Dismantle shelves.
  5. Sort rest of the toot on the shelves and bin (read: be ruthless) - Started!
  6. Organise a date for a record fair so I can finally shift the last of my vinyl (if anyone knows any dealers, do shout) (my vinyl is the largest obstacle to be tackled)
  7. List at least 10 items for sale on Ebay a week for the next month or so or until it's all gone. Under way! Check my Ebay listings for all sorts of stuff.
  8. List last of hand-dyed yarns dead cheap to shift them. Listed in my Etsy shop. Go buy.
  9. Take 2 car loads to the charity shops by this time next week. - Started loading the car already!
  10. Tackle those couple of boxes under the bed that never see the light of day. (We all have them ;)
  11. Accept the fact that the book may have to wait a week or so. This leads into....
  12. Stop allowing knitting to become a distraction. Sorted. Am only allowed to knit of an evening from now on, unless all other targets for the day have been completed. Yep, I'm setting myself daily targets.
  13. Try to remember what day it is in an effort to keep track of time. Nope, my memory has not miraculously returned. However I've downloaded a plug-in for FireFox that shows the full date, including the day, and the current time permanently in my browser window, right where I can't miss it. This is about as good as it gets.
Ok, suppose it's a bit crap that really, that much hasn't been done. But we have been busy this weekend, and I've been making curtains and cushions and upholstery, so that's ok, no? Kinda think it's during the week that motivation is lacking most..... when I'm left on my own to sleep and knit instead of dealing with stuff.

Anyhow's, am trying to be more positive and patient. Here's a few snaps of the weekend, of us snuggling (those sofa's are huge and damn cosy), coffee making, guests (yeah alright, just my Dad and step-mom) and the new curtains and blinds. Click to make biggable.

Note to self:-
When stacking books, do not put the ones you need at the bottom of the pile.

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