I'm still wondering how exactly I managed to get a rotten cold when I only ventured outside of the bus twice during the actual festival..... methinks it was drunken antics on thursday night. Anyhow's, let's start at the beginning.

So there's us, starting to rebuild the Pirate Ship Stage. Except of course I couldn't work as I could barely stand on that damn ankle, let alone walk, lift and so on. So I'm bus-bound. My moods were swinging all over the place, what with feeling useless, painful, etc etc. I had plenty of knitting to do (all for the book so can't be shared) and knit I did, but cabin fever took it's toll at times.

We were parked up in Barp right behind the Pirate Ship, backstage, so at least I could see the Circus Field and Trash City developing. The occasional small steps were ventured when weather permitted, so as the ankle could get a little exercise which it duly repayed me by stiffening up and hurting more. So no tales or photos of the build. Needless to say it all went well and was finished on time. The ship looked different to last time, stunning all the same.

Come wednesday evening, the occasional shower turned to more persistent rain and the fields slowly to mud. Amy and Corrie arrived thursday, and we managed to smuggle them backstage for a sorely needed girly chat and catch-up. Before we knew it, a whole bunch of us, including Sheila and Tom's brother Joe and his lady Susan headed off for more drinks. Note more drinks.

It wasn't too muddy at this stage, and the crutches helped me hobble to the other side of our field. Dancing on them was another matter, although I acquired a new 'friend' who seemed to have a crutch fetish and insisted on pole-dancing around them. So sitting down, outside (in the rain) drinking, singing and boogieing from the waist up was the order of the evening. One of the highlights of the festival for me. I was happy.... always feel at 'home' at Glastonbury... so I had my euphoric moment (as everyone does at some point at Glasto)

Sadly, the rain persisted and come 3am and a bottle of JD later, I could still feel the ankle throbbing so gave up and headed for bed.

The rest of the weekend was too muddy and I wasn't up to much - sent Tom out with the camera so I could see it all through his eyes at least. Photos are all online now, viewable here. It wasn't all a downer.... I was much better off stuck in Barp than I would have been here on my own. Most of the Mutoid clan were there as they'd been putting Trash City together, so there was always folk popping in and out of the bus to talk to (and drink with ;)

Sunday saw me pluck up the courage to venture out (with Tom at hand to stop me injuring myself further). My mission was to head to the Green Fields, as there'd be something there of interest for me to see (without being squashed by 50,000 punters at a stage) and far less mud. It was a short trip 'cos the ankle was killing but worth it all the same. And guess what I found? (like I didn't know they'd be there.....) Winghams :) And yes, I bought wool - don't you recognise that look in the 2nd photo?

That's about it really, apart from being towed and Barp's bumper being damaged. Not my best Glastonbury experience but there you go. Micheal Eavis was reported to have said that he was "kinda glad it rained" Sorry matey, don't agree on that score. I've survived enough of the muddy ones in my time and they ain't as much fun, especially when somewhat immobile.

Next stop is WoolFest - I'm heading off on thursday. Barely time to wash out all the mud and sit still... this travelling life is good, man. So I shall see many, many of you there!

Finally, here's a few shots of some Mutoid Waste Co. sculptures and robots - there's loads more in the gallery.

Ps/ 'Jack' from the previous drunken post? Why, he's our old friend Mr Daniels.


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