Thank you, thank you for all your well wishes and tales of damaged ankles. It's slowly sinking in that I gave myself a bit more of an injury than I first realised.

I'm able, just, to hobble to the loo, and this action amuses Tom no end. The swelling is going down slowly, and am being ultra good and using ice packs and whichever natural remedies I can lay my hands on to help the healing process.

My right leg has started screaming at me, pointing out that although it didn't need an x-ray like the left ankle, it too suffered and needs attention. There is a bruise starting to develop that runs down the inside of my leg, from the calf muscle all the way down to the shin..... some 10 inches long, 4 inches wide. It hurts a lot. You know what they say about bruises.... the deeper they are, the longer they take to come out. Great. Both my legs will be black and blue. There's also a slight swelling and occasional cramp in the right foot/ankle, but I think that's from taking the weight when I use the crutches.

Let's not forget the drug cocktail. I've never been keen on orthodox medicine, so I've never had Co-codomal before. I'm a friggin space cadet. How the hell are you supposed to function on these things?

Still, in true style I am still going to Glastonbury. Just try and stop me! Ok, so I can't drive Barp down tomorrow as originally planned. And I definitely can't do any work or help with the rebuilding of the Pirate Ship stage. So I'll just have to put my feet up (literally) and knit. Sorted.

I've got ready and packed my working (Book) stash, a few reference books, needles, equipment, and various WIPs. This little lot should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Note to self - pack enough clothes. Clothes are useful. And don't forget the coffee. Or your meds.

Right, I shall see you all the other side of the festival when I can report back about how exciting the view was from my chair. If you're going, look out for a mop of dreads hobbling around on crutches and say "hi".

AuthorWoolly Wormhead