Isn't the way they deal with X-rays now so much quicker? No more waiting around for the ol' film to develop - instant images available on the monitor that can even be zoomed into for extra efficiency. In and out of A&E in under 2 hours.

Who'd have thought that a mere 3 steps on a bus could be so lethal. It was a weird, twisting and rolling affair resulting in all arms and legs being scuffed and bruised. I did roll over myself onto the gravelly tarmac outside, and noted that the right shin was battered and the left ankle was bloody painful.

Everyone, including the doctor at the hospital thought my ankle was broken. The size and position of the instant swelling indicated this, but hooray! It's just a nasty sprain instead. Can't put any weight on it, walking with crutches is harder than you think. All the other lumps and bruises are starting to surface. And now I have a pleasant cocktail of Co-codamol and Ibuprofen which I'm sure will mix well with the AD's. No walking, no driving, just laid up for x amount of days.

I blame my Dad. Well, his barbecues. They're jinxed. Remember last year when I did my class act of running into the patio doors, giving myself a fractured nose?

On a jollier note, here's Tom demonstrating that the cupboard behind the seating that he'd just put in is perfect for people smuggling.


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