I need to give myself a huge kick up the backside. Instead of doing all the things I should be doing, I've been doing this:-My new knitting bag. Wasn't in desperate need of a new one.... since my fave grey combat bag bit the dust earlier in the year I'd been using a kinda messenger/courier canvas bag. But as it was longer than it was wide, stuff kept getting lost at the bottom and it was doing my head in. And as for that huge front flap - annoying!

This plain canvas bag came from (cough) Gap. And I've been personalising it by sewing on patches. Productive use of time, eh? Get a closer look at some of these patches... proper Brownie and Guide badges! I got all my Craft badges as a kid (yep, the dark secret is out. I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide) but sadly these aren't the originals. After hours of online hunting, I came across this website. V.chuffed. So here we have evidence that I can knit, sew, weave and like cats. Just incase nobody believes me.

So yeah, this list.

Discipline is in serious need. Badly. If I don't write it down I'll forget pronto. If it gets written on a piece of paper I'll lose it. So posting it here will make it real. Time is against me so desperate measures are needed. Dear Woolly friends, I need your help to make sure I do all this lot. Else I'll get stuck in this rut and may never drive off into the sunset with Tom and Barp. It's hard to kick yourself after all, innit.

  1. Stack books.
  2. Stack and sort vinyl records.
  3. Pile DVD's and CD's & sort.
  4. Dismantle shelves.
  5. Sort rest of the toot on the shelves and bin (read: be ruthless)
  6. Organise a date for a record fair so I can finally shift the last of my vinyl (if anyone knows any dealers, do shout) (my vinyl is the largest obstacle to be tackled)
  7. List at least 10 items for sale on Ebay a week for the next month or so or until it's all gone.
  8. List last of hand-dyed yarns dead cheap to shift them.
  9. Take 2 car loads to the charity shops by this time next week.
  10. Tackle those couple of boxes under the bed that never see the light of day. (We all have them ;)
  11. Accept the fact that the book may have to wait a week or so. This leads into....
  12. Stop allowing knitting to become a distraction.
  13. Try to remember what day it is in an effort to keep track of time.
Can you all nag me, please? I won't be offended. Tom's too nice and busy to keep me on my toes. My mum could do it, but who listens to their mum? I'll try and be a good girl and tick off what I've done as I go.

It's really frustrating doing loads of knitting and keeping it off this blog and secret. So here's a little sneak at what else I shouldn't have been doing:-
Garter stitch. Phaw. Bet you're wetting your pants in anticipation.

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