I am alright, honest.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments. It's bound to get to you at some point, eh? Many folk suggested perhaps wishing items good luck, and thanking them in some way before they go to the charity shop. You are all right of course; it doesn't all have to be negative. There are some belongings that have personal value but are not coming with us... either they are too big or too fragile or something. These things are going to Blogless Gloria. Rather than it being parental storage, I'd rather give them to her.... that way I can let go sufficiently and not have any ties, which is the aim.

Funny though, there's a strange coincidence afoot. My virgin secret pal round, SP7, found me two fab new friends. Swapna was my spoilee, and Zab was my spoiler. We've stayed in touch as we hit it off fantastically. And the coincidence? We're all in the process of moving, all at the same time! Weird.

The weather here this bank holiday weekend has been absolute pants, hasn't it? Still, we had another 3 days working on Barp. That genius, hard-working boyfriend of mine has yet again put me to shame by plumbing in all the gas and water whilst I flapped around with the upholstery. We haven't got hot water yet as we still need to get the tank for that, but we have running cold water which is a good start. The oven, hob and fridge are all working so she's pretty close to being liveable now.

The curtains and upholstery aren't finished, so no shots of those yet. I really must remember that as much as I get seduced by the idea of re-upholstering anything, I hate it. Not that I can't do it, I just don't like doing it and can procrastinate for hours. Think it's the daunting prospect of cutting into furnishing fabric which is never cheap... and then convince myself that I'm bound to f*ck it all up.

I have a bit of a tradition whenever I move... I always enjoy making new cushion covers for the new home. Scatter cushions are easy, they're just square.`And as I've moved a lot over the years, a lot have been made. Sadly many of them are thread bare or long since dead so it's a good excuse to start afresh and ensure Barp is the ultra comfy home we want her to be.

My fabric stash is minimal compared to my wool stash, and consists mostly of oddments of retro printed fabrics or anything unusual that catches my eye. Never enough to do anything big with, and it's been an eon since I made myself any clothes, but these pieces are always enough for cushions.

The fabric on the right is from Ikea, and the other two are original 1970's print fabrics, with the one on the left being from a giant pair of curtains. The overall decor in the bus is going to be fairly plain and minimal, in greys, with an aluminium chequerboard effect lino floor. So having bright accents in cushions and such will just finish it all of nicely.

Some cheapy folding chairs have also got new covers:-
Again, the one on the right is an Ikea fabric and the other two are 1970's fabrics. There is a 4th chair to be done but haven't found the right fabric yet. These chairs are really easy to re-cover... bit fiddly getting the springs and such off, but all they are is basically just a strip. I bought these chairs (from B&Q methinks, for about a fiver each) years ago with the aim of re-covering, so it was rather nice to have the motivation to do them. The fact that they fold flat is perfect.

Does anyone else get the Noshi Knitting Monograph series? I was reading the latest one last night, 'The Punk Rock Knitting Swindle' and really enjoyed it. I was interested in what she had to say about creativity and sheep (in the metaphorical sense) - it was challenging. Actually, it sparked up a few ideas which was very welcome, as creativity seems to have been running dry lately. This article has to be the best to date, so if you get a chance buy it and give it a read.

Think that's all for now, though I've bound to have forgotten something.

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