Barp passed her MOT! Wahoo!

She didn't just pass her MOT, she passed it as a motorhome. Which means that we're 75% of the way to being totally legit. Now all we need to do is get DVLA classification changed. Normally, this is a nightmare but as she's passed her test and been logged as a motorhome, we're basically home and dry. The test didn't get done until today, as Barp suffered with monday morning syndrome and decided her batteries were too flat to start.

Man, we're so damn chuffed! Structurally and mechanically she's as sound as, and we knew she wouldn't fail on that. But getting a half-finished self build motorhome through the government's strict criteria is bloody marvellous.

Right, I'm off to collect her (and give her a pat on the bonnet) and then methinks a beer is in order.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead