My copy of the 2nd issue of Yarn Forward has arrived, with my Hat design on the front! Now, I know there's been issues with this issue (as it were) and lots of talk, but I'm steering clear of that. Just glad it's here. There are also patterns by Erssie, Diane, Alice, Dee and much more.

Have to 'fess up that a proper read has eluded me thus far as we've been working like bonkers on Barp these last couple of days. Not much use at the physical stuff, I've been put to use on the lighter duties like making coffee, supplying screwdrivers and reinforcing the roof seals with fibre glass and resin. Nice job on a hot, windy day. Not.

Otherwise, most of the work we've been doing is the kinda stuff that doesn't look like we've been doing much work, but we have (if you know what I mean) hence no interesting photos. Except this one of me masked and protected on the roof, which is evidence for those of you who know how me and ladders don't get on, yet it can be done when needed.

Next couple of days will hopefully see the bed and kitchen bases going in. The sheet aluminium should arrive on friday so we can block up the necessary windows.

I'm so exhausted I could cry.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead