Ok, if I posted about each new yarn that ended up with me this blog would feature nothing else but skein after skein. Particularly as I'm spending a lot of time in the world of commercial and branded yarns right now.

Now, this is for a reason (der)... the book. There's some odd fact about 80% of knitting pattern or book readers buying the exact yarn that a pattern sample is worked in, so it makes sense to provide relevant info. I've also found that if I write a pattern to say a standard DK gauge and don't include a yarn manufacturer, knitters don't feel as confident with that pattern.

Most of the yarns used so far for the book are from tried and trusted suppliers - I'm only using yarns that I would buy myself. There's some sponsorship, and am really pleased that so far the whole project isn't overrun with Rowan. But in the interests of variety, I've branched out and have been trying some yarns that are new to me. This yummy bundle arrived this morning:-
These 2 are Cascade 220. Peruvian pure wools in DK. Upon first sight and touch, I'm pretty impressed. Cascade are at the budget end of the market and make some hideous novelty yarns. These though are something else. Extremely soft to the touch, wonderful range of colours and feel like a wool yarn should, y'know? Not an ultra lush merino but woolly. Proper woolly without the itch.

Obviously I'll check Yarndex and such to see what the lowdown is on this yarn, but does anyone have any personal experiences to share? As said, I've not used it before so would be interested to hear what folk say.


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