I don't normally do this, but I'm so f*cking pissed off.

I've just recieved an... interesting email. I'm gonna keep the senders details private, as I don't think they intended to insult me but they bloody well did.

Check this:-

"hello, just checked out your blog, i like it, im part of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, check our blog!

we aim to provide great quality original hats to our local area and perhaps beyond, we have two knitters that we pay so far and other merchandise like t-shirts, badges etc, which become part of the sales, we are looking for more knitters and though you may like to get involved? we want wool purses and hats made, but to our design which is quite basic usually as we finish the basic design after with custom made badges and bobbles! we offer £1.50 a purse and the same for a hat but this is negotiable of course, we want 20 hats and 10 purses, would you be interested?"

Have they not done their research or what?!

Firstly, you've got £1.50 per Hat. One pound bloody fifty. For 20 Hats, that's £30 earnt slugging yerself out for less than 50p per hour. Come again? I charge £6 per hour for commissioned pieces, and am always told (and by my customers) that I don't charge enough!

And yeah, my Hats. Clearly they didn't follow the link from this blog to my website and see that I design Hats. I teach people to design Hats. I'm even writing a bloody book about making Hats.

Fair enough, they seem to be a new venture starting out and just casting the net (and let me not forget to tell you that their designs are straight forward beanies) But not doing your research is a bad way to start. And asking another designer, the 'competition', to do their legwork for them is just damn insulting.

I could also blah on about professionalism but I think I've just thrown mine out the window by posting this.

I'm right to be pissed off, yeah?

Don't be surprised if this post gets deleted.

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