Feeling rather.... anal, I've added a couple of back dated posts. First one is a pile of random facts about me. Not sure why, but it's one of those things bloggers seem to do? The second one is a quick rundown of folk mentioned frequently, just incase anybody ever felt curious. I've added the links to the 'About Wormhead' section at the top of the left sidebar. What I didn't think about is that those posts have appeared on Bloglines! Really must remember to come out of my bubble occasionally.... I always seem to forget that people do actually read all this stuff.

And in the same mode, I've added links for the build of Barp gallery and the archives in the 'Truck & Travel' section at the bottom of the left sidebar. Bit of a geek with this linking business, eh?

Sorting through photos from the last couple of weeks, I've just found this shot of a BlackBird's nest in my Dad's garage. You can just about see the female's tail feathers. They weren't the slightest bit disturbed by us constantly in and out with stuff or by Tom's circular saw. But they did give you evils if you got too close. Rather charming, building a nest on a shelving unit.
Agenda for today:- More coffee and wake up. Once fully woken, answer *all* emails. Book MOT for Barp. Do washing up. Then sit and knit, 'cos if feels like ages since I did some knitting. Oh, I might want to remember to get dressed too.

We will indeed be accessible via email. We won't always have internet access 24/7, it all depends... for instance the Yard where the Mutoids are based are fully wired up (they have running water and flushing toilets, too) but other places won't be as civilized. At the very least, I'll pop into town with my laptop to an internet cafe. This blog shall live on, man. And the website.

We'll have our mobile phones, too... we might keep one as one of our UK numbers and use the other with local sims for local calls.

Post/snail mail is another thing altogether. Sending out, no problem - European post to say the UK only takes a couple of days. Recieving is another game altogether.... some communes have an 'official' address, many don't. Will cross that bridge when needed. Tell you what though, I can't wait to not be getting any junk mail through the letterbox anymore!

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