....after nearly 2 weeks of living in Barp at Glastonbury, I will indeed be going to WoolFest!

Barp won't be there though, I'm afraid. We're doubting all the finishing touches will be done for Glasto, so Tom will want that weekend to finish her off (ooh er) Besides, it'll be an 8-10 hour drive from here and cost a small fortune in diesel which is a bit steep for a weekend. Instead I'll be camping with Blogless Gloria (far better name than 'mother', don't you think?).... so now we need to know the campsite that everyone stayed at last year? Blogless Gloria tells me that we'll leave from her place (Sheffield) early friday morning and camp friday and saturday night.

Will certainly be a good weekend to have a proper catch up come send-off with friends. Pint of Leffe, anyone?

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