Anybody who heard me mutter an estimated departure date of late April/beginning of May can put that down to foolish optimism. I'm learning the hard way that such a project always takes longer than you think, and someone with a poor concept of time such as myself shouldn't be making hopeful guesses as to when she can escape.

The last couple of weeks have been intense. We've not been getting home 'till gone 9pm and the days have been looong. Tom's had the last 2 weeks off work, so we've been making the most etc. Barp is coming along, and you can see the beginnings of a home emerging. It's been kinda weird for me, going to my Dad's everyday to work on her. Nowt against my Dad but as a kid I longed to escape from the twitching curtains and for years refused to go back unless it was absolutely necessary. (I've used the word 'escape' twice already, and it doesn't take a psychologist to tell you what's going on) Patience isn't my strongest virtue and it's been rather testing.

It's also been really frustrating, as I have no stamina or strength, and so feel rather useless at most of the jobs. But the last couple of days have seen me start on the upholstery and furnishings, so I'm coming into my own and feeling part of it all again. I'm sure that if I could help with the carpentry and other heavy work Barp would be a home much sooner.

Anyhow, here's our initial floor plans.
The plans have changed a bit, as you'd expect. The oven and fridge are now in the main kitchen, and next to the shower/WC will be a floor to ceiling cupboard come larder. The bed is raised 3 foot off the floor, with most of the storage space underneath being accessible from the back doors.... this has affectionately been named the 'shed' and is mostly for Tom's tools and stuff.

The shelving at the end of the bed is a wardrobe of sorts, with some more small cupboards under the bed, entry from behind the sofa cushions. This will be for winter clothes, blankets etc. Under the sofa's is storage for all my stash, and as one seat is 5 foot and the other 6 foot, that's a lot of space! We're making the sofa's deep and comfy as there's nowt worse than regular caravan cushions.... we want a comfy bus ;)

The media unit and shelves alongside the sofa are now all shelving of the same depth, and this is for my books, CD's and DVD's. Tom's got a fab HD flat monitor, which will be on a hinged bracket for evening film sessions.

It's probably hard to get a true sense of the size as there are no dimensions on this image.... the interns are kinda 7 foot wide, 15 foot long and 6 foot high. Maybe these progress shots will help? We've got a new online gallery of the build which is being updated frequently with the full details. You know the score with the photos below; click to make biggable.

The kitchen isn't plumbed in yet, that's the job for this weekend. One of those fiddly time eating tasks. But she's coming along though, isn't she?

Tom's finally relented and agreed to work at Glastonbury this year, which means we'll both be down for at least a week before it starts (free tickets & back stage pass, baby ;) and it'll be Barp's first official outing! I think that's damn cool, meself. Two years ago Tom built most of the Pirate Ship Stage in the Circus Fields, and will probably be doing the same again - anyone interested can browse photos from the last festy here. And if we're around for Glastonbury, Woolfest could be a possibility! Will we ever leave?

*Zab - did I get this phrase from you?

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