...how you would have faired, had you been born and lived in a different time?

For instance - no doubt I would have been declared deaf, due to small ear canals and problems with the ol' sticky stuff (BTW - today, for the first time in over 18 months, I can hear! After endless ear infections, blockages, blah de blah, they finally gave permission for an excavation and now I am freaked out by the strangest of sounds.)

Then there's the ducking stool. I feel for any Aquarian that had to live through ignorant times. Having this strange commodity known as insight, which is still treated with scepticism in modern age, wouldn't have stood me much chance in the Middle Ages. As for my lack of religion....

Ahh..... the mad houses & psychiatric hospitals..... the 1900's? Absolutely. Just being alive during Edwardian & Victorian times (the age of Capricorn, btw) would have been enough to have me committed.

Combine the ear issues with constantly blocked sinuses, I could have been a ripe candidate for skull drilling to cure headaches. Can't quite decide if curiosity would have won me over or if I'd have legged it to live the life of a broken, starving beggar.

I would of course have clothing skills to offer, being as most fibre arts come naturally. Couple that with general innovation and resourcefulness with most materials, my life would possibly have been prolonged, whichever age I lived in.

Being particularly faithful, mating for life would have been no issue, provided the member of the weaker sex would have been chosen, rather than me being the choosee, being dragged off to some cave. I might possibly have been clubbed to death for murder should the latter have been the case.

My parents often used to tell me when I was younger that I would have enjoyed living in the 60's. Never knew quite what they meant until adulthood kicked in...

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