When the idea of this book first took seed, it was charging along with such a momentum that it hardly seemed real... almost effortless. Now, after having to take some time out for the dodgy wrists to heal and to complete a couple of jobs (one of which will be shared later this week) I'm finding the swing is not quite there. It may only be a couple of weeks lost but my brain can't hold onto anything for that long these days. Maybe I should talk to others who have written knitting or craft books, as I'm sure changes in momentum are normal.


I had a few Fairisle designs planned, yet whenever I try to knit them they don't do anything for me. Designing colourwork has always been something manageable for me yet that mojo seems to have gone. On the other hand, lace based designs are flying out! It seems a little novel, as I haven't designed a great deal of lace in the past... so I wonder if it's the new challenge that's grabbed me, combining the lace with the particular construction technique that the book is based around? Or perhaps that what's developing along these lines is so damn cute?!


Should I go with the cute lace flow as far as it will run, or should I try and kick my colourwork mojo into submission?

Think my brain needs a day off.

PS/ the first photo shoot for the book is next weekend! Wheeeeeee!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead