No worries Sue, I am coming out of my bubble occasionally to see what the real world looks like ;) A few emails are owing too, but I'll get on with those later if that's OK.

What do you think of the new look blog? Suppose there's not a huge change - the turquoise borders have been removed to reduce glare, and a new banner to match the website. I'm told the text looks a little pixelated on the banner on a large monitor but that will have to stay so for now. Otherwise, the whole point to fiddling, was to tidy up the links as I was getting bovvered about the page scrolling on forever. The drop menu's work a treat, and me reckons it's all easier to navigate now?

It then dawned on me that some folk may not get the meaning behind the title of this 'ere blog? UK folk should... think of Michael Palin and 'The Claw'. Tom likes to lay claim to naming this site yet me reckons it was simultaneous great minds thinking alike.

Wikipedia blahs on about Palin and Jones and the BBC television series of the late 1970's. Essentially though, a 'Ripping Yarn' is a tall tale, a story, born from a vivid imagination. So what title could be more appropriate for a lass that blah's on about wool and yarn and more yarn? To spin your own yarn, i.e tell your own story.... well, that says it all really, eh?

Happy Birthday to my Dad and MLQ for yesterday!

PS/ if there are any HTML genius's reading, can you suggest anyway to further refine the links? There are a lot of 'em I know, yet this blog gets used as my 'favourites' list so kinda need to keep them (inevitably I am not always at this laptop when I need to find something, so having them online is rather handy!) Drop menus inside sub menus a possibility?

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