It's finally happened - the light-bulb moment, the penny dropping lah-de-dah!

Kitchener stitch. We know the instructions, the repeat for getting it right. Well, I've been sitting here fiddling with what's commonly known as garter stitch kitchener getting mightily peeved that it wasn't looking the way I wanted it to. Looking closer, I realised I was working reverse stocking stitch kitchener. Don't need to explain that if there's a different between garter and reverse, then there's a difference between the graftings.

What was annoying me was that I was getting two ridges, instead of one. In other words, both sets of live stitches were being purled... and if I want one set knitted, one set purled - what to do?

And then I sussed it - wahoo! Still need to do more samples to prove my point, but I've now got the full understanding of the how's and why's with kitchener. Mightily chuffed for working it out for myself. This all means that potentially I could graft moss stitch, ribbings, all sorts of knit/purl patterns.

Had enough clues about the book yet?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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