What's happened to Aran weight yarn? Haven't been able to find a decent selection for ages. We're getting more Worsted weight which isn't a bad thing, but the gauge on Worsted varies so greatly that it seems daft to replace Aran with it, as it isn't a true equivalent (if that's the plan, that is)

Just been browsing on Ebay at packs of bamboo straight needles, feeling the want for some fimo play and funky short needles, only to find that 9 out 0f 10 packs don't have 3mm, and that's the one size I want! What's going on?

The US have a great deal to offer in terms of yarns and notions, so this is no anti-US whinge. But why are our traditional UK sizes disappearing in favour of imports? Surely it makes sense to keep and incoporate both sizes and ranges, so that we have a wider selection, the best of both worlds?

Feel like being subversive and writing all my patterns for Aran weight yarn or 3mm needles ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead