The chart writing software that I purchased for the book has arrived, and I've been playing around with it to see what it can do. From what I can gather, there are two leading softwares available:- Stitch Painter and Stitch & Motif Maker.

There seems to be little difference between the two - the interface is slightly different, with SMM having visible grids and SP not. Other than that, SP states it is for all crafts, whereas SMM is specifically for knitters, but surely a chart is a chart and is interchangeable? With SP, you buy the basic model and then upgrade with add-ons.... nice idea, until you realise that SMM includes all the add-ons in one fixed price, making it about a third of the price of the full SP package! So I bought Stitch & Motif Maker, obviously.

Besides getting stuck into designing lace and Fairisle patterns, there's been some silly play. You have to, don't you? So here's some fun stuff - if you wanna use them, go right ahead and download 'em. There's bound to be more later. Can't be held responsible though, alright? ;)

I did find this site - MicroRevolt - that draws charts for free from images, but haven't tried it so can't say if it's any good or not... worth a visit though.

Mr Tom is away for the weekend, visiting his best mate in Bristol, so methinks my time will be spent getting engrossed in book stuff without being moaned at for ignoring boyfriend.

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