Have been a tad incommunicado last couple of days, due to a little too much champagne by way of celebrations. Really must remember that hangovers last me several days.

Here's one for your diary:- FibreFest UK! The website is still under construction, but the main weekend is scheduled for 1st & 2nd September this year, with workshops on the 3 days prior (of which yours truly is teaching a one day workshop on knitted Hat design :) It's likely I'll be flying in specially for the weekend (jet-setter, dahling) so if anyone is camping I may gate crash your tent! Camping site will be next to ColdHarbour Mill.

PurlPower - can't say yet whether I'm around for WoolFest this year.... depends on whether we're still in the country or not, and if we are Tom may be working Glastonbury but that could be an entirely different weekend. The summer is a bit vague right now.

'Scuse me for a while whilst I mess around and tidy up the links in the sidebars. Kinda looked at this blog a while back and thought it looked messy, so am trying out these drop menus. All the info is still there, and hopefully it'll look neater (soon)

Barp has a new temporary home - she's staying at my Dad's in Essex. Not ideal, as she just squeezed in but at least she's safe from the Plumstead wild-life. We're getting a move on with the build so there will be something worthwhile to blog about soon (promises, promises) Meantime, here's Barp at my Dad's. Doesn't look out of place at all.

Time for food, then back to bed for me.

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