Oh yes, oh yes! Having recently received the paperwork proving I am no longer employed and no longer a teacher, the cheque for all the monies they owe me arrived this morning! Wahoo! The whole lot, one big fat cheque.

Rich, baby, rich. For all of 37 mins and 53 seconds at least. Most of it is spoken for... debts, truck fund, book budget. Still, there will be a little left for me to treat meself :)

Does kinda feel like a bit of an anti-climax though, as this door has taken it's time closing. Still, it's done and I am FREE.

I received this card in the post this morning from Susoolu - as well as making me laugh, it made me wonder if I'll be one of those kind of mum's? Mind, kids look alright in kooky Hats, don't they....

Right, I'm off to the bank. (and the shops)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead