Oooh yes, packed and ready for SkipNorth! Hitch being the sweetie she is is packed in the suitcase, along with these 2 bottles of wine (and some clothes, obviously) heck knows what this wine tastes like but the labels get my approval.

Have a few more emails to catch up with, but if I don't manage them all tonight you will hear from me after the weekend I promise! There was a post on here that showed up on Bloglines - some folk have asked about it.... I removed it as it was a little, well...heated. It will all become clear before long.

This little lot of fibres arrived in the post yesterday. If anyone can accurately guess exactly what it is, you will have nabbed yourself a freebie pattern of your choice (one of mine, obviously, as I don't have any others to be giving away) I may well be taking it away with me this weekend, so we'll have no cheating from fellow SkipNorthers, ok?

Am getting just a little excited now.. don't leave until 8.30am tomorrow morning (which is a hideous time to be travelling across London to Kings Cross but never mind)

Right - see you all the other side!

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