During a recent spell of organisation, I found these old charts. This was the very first Fairisle I ever designed - was a good girl and stuck to the true rules of Fairisle, dyed all the yarn meself too (a kilo of Aran weight wool). There was no software to help in the design process, just good 'ol brain matter, pen and graph paper.

Being as this was designed and knitted some 15 or 16 years ago at least, I didn't know about acid dyes then and so used Dylon as it was easy to come by. Some of you would have seen this jumper on my mum (the proud owner) when she joined us at Winghams during SkipNorth. There are some of the charts missing, hell knows where they are, but you get the idea. And I have no idea how long it took from start to finish, but it was quite a long time...

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Have just got a paid knitting job in, and am up to my eyes in it... not something I normally take on, but the pay is too good to miss and the book special project needs a budget. It's reminding me just how much I don't like struggle to work to someone else's brief or deadline.... so had better get stuck back in before I throw in the towel ;)

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