My union rep and the nice new lady at the council have done their business, and done it well. Had a phonecall yesterday to say that it's all being sorted out, and will have my paperwork and money in due course. It could take up to 2 weeks, as everything's gotta be signed by whoever and then the cheque will need to clear, so will still be poor until then. But at least it will all be over soon and I'll no longer have any ties with that rotten job.

It's a real weight off my mind, knowing that I won't have to fend off the wolves for much longer. It's not that I mind being skint, as to be honest I cope better with less money! It's just the damn frustration that comes with someone, somewhere not pulling their finger out leaving me in a very tricky place. The money they have promised me is a lot, and will help clear debts and leave some change for the travel fund, so can't afford to let them forget about it. Anyhow, won't be long now. And I think I embarrassed the nice new lady at the council by expressing my appreciation for her efforts.

It's not helped, I 'spose, by 'business' being quiet. The money I get from pattern & yarn sales etc is no way near enough to live on in London. Yet it will go much further when we're bus dwelling on the road. Come to think of it, we could well end up richer than most travellers....

Moving swiftly on, more goodies! Ain't it cool to still be receiving pressies 3 weeks after your birthday? These arrived from Carina - plain black cotton t-shirt and vest top. Spot on. She knows me too, too well! These things are a staple part of my wardrobe and are always welcome. As a rule I hate folk buying me clothes, and always discourage it... yet Carina always gets it right.

A certain other blogger caused hysterics when her parcel arrived - cheered me up no end! A daft sheepy picture holder with local sheepy card. A (now demolished) bar of yummy Green and Blacks and a (virtually finished) packet of cow biscuits. Several mesh laundry and linen bags completed the goodies - I love practical presents! It was the note that came with the cow biscuits that got me ;)

Thank you Wye Sue - it was well worth the wait! xx

I've been keeping busy by fiddling and perfecting the website (nearly done) and spinning this week. Here's a sneak preview of a few skeins that will be heading to the Knit Tin shortly....

I owe plenty of blog visits and emails, but please forgive me if you don't hear from me just yet. This last week has been rather draining and am in desperate need of some quiet time. Haven't even had the chance to think about fun things like SkipNorth, which is only a week away!

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