The Hat design workshop at The Knit Tin seemed to be a success - have had some good feedback! Each participant designed their own fitted Hat (funnily enough each went for a loose beret style) and wrote their own pattern so they can finish their piece. Stupid me did have the camera but forgot to take any pictures - if anyone from the workshop is reading, I hope you'll send me a photo of your finished Hat?

It was all a bit strange too, as the shop is closing.... Julie has been a wonderful contact for me and we've become friendly, so it was a little sad. Still, it's not the end of it all, just the closing of one chapter.

Whilst there I was a little naughty and purchased some yarn... it's for the special project, not for me ;) Somehow though I've lost a ball of Silk Garden - tsk. The special project will have a budget but having never done anything like this before, I haven't a clue how to organise said budget so am just being scrooge for the time being. Think I need to teach meself Excel...

Other lovely arrivals this week, from naughty generous bloggers.

Susoolu felt that this bundle of Rowan Felted Tweed needed a new home, and so it arrived here. But it wasn't alone.... it came with sheepy chocolates! Now, isn't that tin irresistable? I'm reliably told they came from Waitrose, and they are rather yummy (long since devoured)

Such a generous soul, Susoolu, thank you.

More generosity from Maylin - check these fibres!
The white is a blend of silk, cashmere, silk latte (soya) and bamboo - there's about 35g. It's so, so soft to the touch. Then we have about 80g of carbonised bamboo in the charcoal grey... apparently this has odour eating properties so I'm thinking it may become something for Tom (no offence like, but we know our men folk, don't we?) Tom's been telling me he'd like a Hat from all the cat hair I've been saving, and the colours would blend well with this bamboo, so that may be how it will be used. The fibres came from SWTC - thank you so very very much, Maylin!

Life though isn't always good. Since I lasted posted about Barp suffering at the hands of the local, bored teenagers, there has been regular vandalism, and each time we've dutifully cleaned it off. They progressed from markers onto cellulose car spray, and thankfully Tom had all the cleaning aids necessary from work. Regular as clockwork on a saturday night, Barp got fresh graffiti.

What we found yesterday morning was awful - they really have exceeded themselves this time, and were no doubt proud of their handiwork.

We spent yesterday afternoon cleaning, and it's all come off, but it's happened so often that the original paintwork is starting to come off too. This will be reported to the police this time as criminal damage - not that they'll do much, but they might pester the council into installing CCTV.

It's such an energy drainer, no? Tom's got the week of work this week so there'll be plenty of build progress, and we can't afford to waste time tidying up after these hooligans. Anyhow's onwards into the week - Tom's off to the timber yard - can't wait to show photos of how it's all developing inside!

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