Here's the survey results before I forget :-

  1. Softback won over hardback by a landslide. It's what I had in mind, just wanted feedback. Interesting, though, the spiral bound thang. That thought hadn't crossed my mind, as I'm really not keen..... I'll be using Lulu where I can make the PDF available as well as the book, so I don't see why I can't make the book available in different formats? Will check it out.
  2. A mix of skill levels came up tops, although a fair few voted for intermediate or advanced level. It will be a mix, I should think.
  3. A few folk voted for adults only, but again a mix of kids/adults was the preference. Am hoping to size all the patterns for both, if possible.
  4. This was funny! Even though most said the model on the cover wouldn't influence purchase, about a third said it would. What's on the front cover, or how it's laid out does make a difference, even if a sub-conscious one.
  5. Again, about a third said they wouldn't buy a Hats only pattern book, but it assured me greatly to know that many would. (phew!)
  6. The amount of patterns expected ranged between 20 and 30... I've got a figure of 25 in mind, if I can manage it.
  7. This was also interesting.... there was no clear winner. Many voted for wildly varied, or fun & funky, or variation on a theme or even for the 'surprise me' option! Some wanted simple, very few opted for classical. Think the overall conclusion is to try and include as many styles as possible, from simple to elegant to downright wacky (c'mon, this is me after all ;)

Anyhow, if anyone has anything else to add, go right ahead. I really appreciate everyone's time helping me with this, thank you. I've a fairly clear idea on layout etc etc which has been supported by folks' comments.


Think I'll have to get meself organised and investigate Bloglines. I wasn't questioning why folk spend time online, as that I fully understand, but just how folk manage time. Am not sure if I have a job as such, but I do have a focus, and my priorities now are different to what they used to be. It doesn't help that my time management is non existent. Oh well.

Have spent my saturday playing around with needles and fimo. Being as I'm getting into these sideways designs, I could do with a few more pairs of short needles. Have some lovely dinky Peace Fleece needles already, so raided my old straights (that do nothing but gather dust), cut them down to 25cm and made some funky fimo ends for them. They'll be much more portable and a pleasure to use at the same time. Aren't they purdy?





Update:- Am finally getting my head around Bloglines - hoorah!

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