Can anyone tell me how folk find time to read so many blogs?! Or answer so many emails or join forums and be active members? I struggle to keep up with my friends' blogs and emails! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on so much stuff and being terribly neglectful - my computer time is mainly taken up by writing patterns, sorting the website and so on that I've forgotten the pleasure of surfing....

Anyhow, I do have some more constructive questions, that I'd appreciate some feedback on if possible. I could ask the Knit Design group, but me reckons it's better to ask you, the knitting consumer.

If you're buying a pattern book on something specific like, say, Hats, how many patterns would you like to find inside? Would you like to find a range of skill levels included or prefer the book to be aimed at one particular level? If there's a lush fella on the front, would that make you more inclined to purchase? Would you expect the patterns to be widely different or would some variations be acceptable? Would you like kids' sizings to be included or adults only? Budget priced softback or higher priced hardback?

I'm gonna presume it's yes to clear, detailed patterns and yes to decent photographs. Yes also to photographic tutorials for specific techniques and yes to yarn substitution suggestions. Yes also to notes on alterations and re-sizing.

Daft thing is, is that I've only got about 4 pattern books on my shelves, the rest are all techniques and resource books.... probably should get to the library. And this may be better done as an organised survey but I've not had enough coffee yet.

I know I said I'd prefer to write a creative techniques/inspiration book and would probably get bored writing a patterns book, but go with me on this one.... the brain is a law unto itself.

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