A wonderful weekend, as ever! Back in one piece safe and sound though somewhat sleep deprived ;) Will launch into tales and photos of antics perhaps tomorrow, as I'll need a brain to get everyone's blog links up - there were so many of us! Meantime (as if it's almost not important....) here's the haul..... click to make biggable.

The wonderful, knowledgeable Liz gifted me with these before we'd even started shopping! Samples of dyed yarns and fibres from dyeing workshops she'd taught. Perfect for freeform/spiral Hats and fibre play at the wheel - thank you!

Another gift, this one from Fred - think he saw me consider buying it then changed my mind after considering budget - sweetie that he is. I always feel there are gaps in my crochet knowledge, probably in the strangest of places, so have kept my eyes out for a decent book.... think my main issue is that I haven't fully got under the skin of the hook... so something that explains thoroughly about stitch structure and why is most welcome.

The modest purchases from Coldsprings Mill and The Skep. Some gorgeous merino/alpaca/silk chunky in rich jade and purple, some branded DK in olive & mahagony and a couple of balls of Freedom Spirit. Think some folk started to get a little concerned at my lack of stash enhancement. Thing is, apart from being skint and being on a (loaned) budget, there were other things to consider.... namely Barp and limited storage space.

The KCG and it's infamous 'yarn mountain' proved more fruitful, and who can blame me at a penny a gram? Besides, supporting the Guild is the worthiest of causes. The one thing I love about rummaging through all the yarn is the occassional find of something old or rare but beautiful. This first bundle are mill samples - probably about 20grams or so each, in a rich mix of tweed singles - perfect again for spiral Hats and other play.

Lots of DK and 4ply to be found (plain coloured aran is still proving elusive) Here we have some 'vintage' yarns, including Guersney 5ply which isn't very common. Mostly for freeform and spiral play, although some may be used in pattern samples. There's also some white DK which I'll probably dye at some point.

More branded yarns in 100g quantities. The urge to shop, shop, shop and splurge never really occured. I was very good, focused you could say. Each ball of yarn that ended up in my bag was considered for it's end purpose. Rather impressive behaviour, don't you think? This lot is all DK or 4ply.... some colourwork patterns have been creeping into mind...

Sunday saw us at Winghams. Having successfully convinced myself that I *didn't* need any more fibre, restraint came to visit once again. The only fibery purchases were for colourful, textured silk oddments and some mohair, for adding texture to my hand-spun arty yarns. Like my oddments stash for the spiral Hats, this is something that needs to be replenished to keep the variety alive.

Having always aimed their stock at spinners and felters, Winghams have now started their own line of yarns for knitters. Very, very soft and in such beautiful colourways, a few 100g bundles had to be tried. Chunky and DK (again - where was the aran?!) which will be used for pattern samples. They also stock nearly the full range of Surina needles and hooks, so bought a few missing sizes for the collection. They even had odd sizes such as 4.25mm & 4.75mm DPNs, so they had to be had.

Like fibre and yarn, book purchases were also minimal. This one, though, HAD to come home with me! Erssie - if you're reading, this is a must after our conversation last week. The kinda book I love - not full of patterns but techniques, formulas, tips and good ol' inspiration. It's certainly got my brain fired up - imagine some of the weird and wonderful designs I could incorporate into a Tam or Beret.... it is a really, really, really (no, honestly, really) good book.

Otherwise, I came home to what has to be a miracle - a clean flat. Tom not only did the hoovering, but also all the washing up AND the laundry! I'm being fussed from every angle by Minky and Spook and it's great to taste real coffee and curl up in my own bed next to a familiar, warm body.

I do have wolves to fend off and parcels to post today, but me thinks I should get a few hours more kip, else those parcels could end up in Timbucktoo.....


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