Thanks for the feedback on my last post - I do want to respond constructively, but right now I'm a little preoccupied.

Remember that I used to be an Arts & Textiles teacher, suffered a nervous breakdown, stress, bullying blah de blah? And that the whole thing became one, long drawn out process that culminated in my contract supposedly being terminated at the end of last September for medical reasons? And that I qualified for some reasonable settlement pay/compensation, would be able to claim my pension on the grounds of medical retirement and be eligible for some benefits due to my health? Last September, right.....

My arse. Yeah right.

The wonderful, delightful Greenwich Council have been dragging their heels. No sign of any money or paperwork that would even prove that I am no longer in employment. Zilch. There has been some money dribbling in from them each month, which I pressume they authorised until the whole thing was settled. It was just enough to cover all the outgoings, with a little help from Tom. Now that has stopped - I've had my entitlement.

Fair enough, wouldn't wanna be sponging off them forever. But still no settlement pay (we're talking around £8K here) and absolutely no paperwork. So without any evidence, I can't go to the bank and plead with them to juggle things around nicely, can't approach about other debts and clear those (everything is insured, and losing a job on medical grounds is plausible enough to have them cancelled outright) (and no, this fact doesn't make me feel guilty. I've paid most of it) I can't even stall the council tax or rent or claim for sickness benefit. To put it bluntly, I'm up shit's creek.

So the same council that I'm screaming at about my claim and money will shortly start screaming at me for the rent and bills. What makes the whole thing even jollier is that the woman in charge of the case at the council has left, with someone taking over who knows little about it all. The council have also been moving offices these last couple of months and this has all led to me being shelved. My NUT union rep, who has plenty of clout and who will give them a huge kick is currently on vacation.

I can't expect Tom to fully support me, that's not fair, considering that I am owed big time. The travel fund is suffering as is my blood pressure. Thankfully the new woman at the council is quickly catching up and is friendly. Hell, she even returned my phone call, which is a first. But really, all they need to do is pay me the money I'm due, give me my paperwork and let me close that door. Why has that been so difficult?!

So. To raise some immediate cash and pay some bills, all of my hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns are on special offer! (this isn't emotional blackmail, it's needs' must!) There are some hand-dyed listed on Ebay, some on the website too which may well get listed on Ebay too next week. There's 20% of all hand-spun until the 8th March. Skeins have already been selling which is fantastic, thank you! I'm useless at pimping my products but now it's time to start.

This may be stressing me out and having me reach for the Rescue Remedy, but I won't let it get me down. Greenwich Council *will* cough up and then all will be as it should be. Meantime, I've got work to do.

Jeez, have just read this back to myself and it sounds like a serious hard sell! Sorry, it wasn't meant to sound like that, just not sure what else to do. Suppose it could be quite amusing trying to sell my body.... how much is a soul worth? ;)

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