Fancy seeing the crop that my birthday yielded? Okadokay!

A certain someone has been a bit of a star. This bundle of brilliantness arrived saturday morning. My mum was down to stay and kept telling me I couldn't open them 'till sunday..... heck to that - I'm now 36 and way beyond listening to mother!

This crochet book is a real inspiration. Not a techniques book, although it covers the basics, more of a freeform/inventive use of the hook sorta book. Full of really, really good ideas. Fantastic.

A gorgeous hair clip made by her own fair hands. Still figuring out the best way for me to use it, as dreads are much thicker and tougher than regular hair and the pin doesn't slide in as easy and me doesn't want to break it! Tom does it alright, think it's just awkward trying to do it meself...

The gem in the parcel. Already loaded onto this laptop and Tom's PC, it is SUPERB. Buy one. I'm reliably told you can buy it in Woolworths. Won't give you the full lowdown on the game and spoil the fun for you, I'll just say that these sheep rock. A sheep PC game. Gotta be had, no?

The lady who spoilt me rotten is the wonderful Mary-Lou. Huge, massive thanks with bells on MLQ! Mwah!

Sara, my old school friend, made me this cross stitch piece. Incase it doesn't show well, it's a depiction of an Aquarian with a fat cat in the middle! Further more, she's framed it in a flat magnetic kinda frame, so it'll sit rather happily on the fridge in the bus (BTW, Barp is now graffiti free again) Very thoughtful, thank you darling.

Amy bought me a cacti and some super funky knickers which I haven't the courage or lunacy to model for a photograph so just use your imagination. Other friends and family all contributed towards a couple of massages for me.... everyone kept asking what I wanted by way of a pressie, and to be honest didn't want for too many things, but did really like the idea of a decent pampering and proper relaxation. The first session is booked for tomorrow - an hour and a half of combined deep tissue back massage and reflexology - total bliss!

And Mr Tom bought me some new glasses. It may not be common knowledge that I wear need them, except to those who have ever been in the car when I'm driving. The last pair were some 9 years or so old, and broken by Spook when she was a kitten. So now I'm the proud owner of a pair of funky new (non-teacher like) specs! Yey, new glasses at last.

I also got a pair of prescription sunglasses... this photo has unfortunately made me look like a dope dealer (cheers Tom) Mind, I did discover that I have been a criminal. Oh yes. My eyesight is now just below the treshhold for driving, so each time I've forgotten to wear my broken glasses when behind the wheel, I've been breaking the law. Not anymore.

Spoilt rotten or what? So many thoughtful, useful gifts. Wormhead's a very happy bunny (even if she is now 36 and has hangovers lasting 5 days)

Update:- a closer look at those yummy specs without me my dreads getting in the way...


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