We found this a couple of weeks ago - the bus had been grafittid. This tag was pretty large, right across one side. We were so pissed off. Thankfully it washed off - some water based paint or marker or something.

Then Tom found this this evening. Same tag, same arsehole vandalising our property. So I'm out there tomorrow hoping that it'll wash off just the same.

Now we need to find somewhere safer to store Barp. You may be thinking that we'd have done that already, but this is London and it's hard enough to park a car a safely let alone a small bus. There's a communial car park between our blocks, that's visible from our bedroom window. We'd like to get it in there but no space is big enough, particuarly as most users park so inconsiderately. My car is in there, and they've broken my petrol cap and knicked the petrol before now. Private land, somewhere we can rent, just doesn't exist.

It's so bloody depressing. Feel like camping out in the bus and catching the little sod. So to cheer this post up, here's Spook admiring last week's snow.

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