Needles have been counted and the winner informed for the birthday competition. Before I share the exact number and lucky recipient of that hand-spun, I wanted to clarify a few points mentioned in the comments.....

  • Yep, they are all wood, mostly bamboo.
  • There aren't as many as many of you would think.
  • Never ever have I sat on and snapped, lost, chewed or deformed a needle. All sets are complete, 5 needles per set.
  • I use them for all knitting, not just Hats. Circulars are too curly and straights are for masochists (which is a practice I partake in only occassionally) Do it in the round, baby.
  • It is possible that I have more pairs of straights than I have sets of DPNs. Weird.
  • As much as Tom would love to see me clear out all my wool, equipment and textile tools for our impending travels he'll never see the day. Thankfully DPNs don't get too decorative so the collection is purely functional and respectable.
  • There are a few sets of DPNs in 30cm lengths, as I prefer them to circs even on large garments. 30cm sets are hard to find these days.
  • On the most frequently used sizes, there are 2 or 3 sets of each. Even then I find myself rummaging for some spare 5mm.....
  • The needle roll. Yep, packed out with needles and hooks. It may be the lot I carry round with me, but it's most of them.

The total number? 26 complete sets, totally 130 needles. The winner? Crafty Mad Drama Queen with a bid at 25. The skein with be winging it's way as soon as. Good guess & well done!

Thanks for all the advice on felted slippers in my last post. This last week has been one of clearing out, trips to the charity shops, filling bins and the inevitable housework (especially as mother came to stay for the weekend) Then of course the booze, present opening, hangovers, period pain and sleep. I'll get investigating once I've fully recovered. There is also some fabulous birthday loot to share!

One thing to get excited about is a workshop I'll be teaching at the The Knit Tin on friday 23rd March. It's a design workshop, focusing on Hats (as if that needs explaining)... looking at the various styles, ways to alter shapings and fit, designing and incorporating stitches and so on. I can't wait! Seriously, I've been wandering around the flat, narrating stuff in my head and feeling dead chuffed to be doing this. I have stacks and stacks of notes and formulas to type up so there'll be plenty of info available on the day. All details are up on their website so go book!

Back soon, I promise.

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