I'm tired and grumpy. My eyes hurt from using the computer too long. I have a new laptop but upgrades/changes in OS and software has meant more fiddling and tweaking and weeding out corrupted files. Sigh. So to cheer myself up, here's some more Hats from the book.

(The book will be available for sale in approximately a week (says she, hoping that nothing else will go wrong) - I have to recieve the proof copy before it's approved, so the finished file will be uploaded by sunday and proof copy ordered. And you can't pre-order with Lulu... but hey, a week's not long, right? And it is POD, so as soon as you pay, they print it off and dispatch from either Spain or the US. Simple.)

Now we have...

Berets & Tams

All photos copyright 2007 © to PixelDiva
All designs copyright 2007 © to Woolly Wormhead

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