I've killed my Toshiba Portege. It doesn't want to talk to it's keyboard all the time and has developed a tendency to crash severely whenever it feels like it. Sigh. It was a freebie and has done me proud, but it's Pentium 3 isn't up to juggling big files and multiple applications.

Thankfully having the Ultimate Gadget Boy around does mean we have a spare laptop (don't ask) that should be up to the job... it has a faster processor at least. I was promised that I could use Mr Tom's super-dooper-so-so-fast-and-haven't-I-got-a-big-screen PC, but he's been off work with a bad back, and has been propped up in his den xmas shopping online. Now amount of bribery would get him to swap machines.

So now I'm waiting for the spare laptop to be cleaned up and ready for me to play with. Oh, just when we're so close to finishing the book! (yes, yes, yes - everything's backed up in a zillion places)

Suppose I ought to work out whether I can afford a new laptop (says she, drooling again over Vaio's) as well as the DSLR (Nikon D50) that I've had my eye on. In my dreams......

I have well and truly killed my old laptop. Fried it's brain. Annoyingly it managed to corrupt one of the book files and lost all the data... but good job I did a full back up (again) last night and I've only lost 4 or 5 hours work. A pain, but it could be worse.

The spare laptop doesn't want to play nice and so I'm about to order myself a nice, new shinny Vaio hoping it will be here by the weekend. The sooner it gets here, the sooner Tom's girlfriend stops hijacking his PC.

Thanks to Susoolu for listening to my paniky rant :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead