Surely I can't be the only one who has found 2007 to be a seriously trying year? I mean, there's been loads of good stuff, really good stuff (bus, book, Baba etc) but boy has it been stressful with all the finances, bearocracy, ill health and... well, it just goes on. Barely a moment of respite.

So on that score, 2008 has gotta be better, right? We'll finally get on the road, we'll meet Baba soon enough (I'm starting to get a tad scared) and the book will hopefully have it's moment.

For some unbeknown reason I've woken up with a rotten downer today so won't hang around long. More than likely it's the usual seasonal blues. Or possibly it's because I'm not allowed to celebrate the new year with enough booze to even register on the merriness scale.

So whatever you're doing folks - whether it's a cosy night in or out painting the town puke-colour, have a good one!

Hatty New Year ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead