Isn't he just... check this!

A Nikon D40, digital SLR! Ok, so I get that this Santa is really the wonderful Mr Tom, and that Mr Tom had had enough of hearing how his girlfriend would just love a D-SLR. But still, isn't this just the best gift ever? Seriously generous, innit.

My Canon Ixus 430 hasn't been retired just yet - that camera has done me proud for years and is still comparable to new digitals, with it's optical zoom and what not. Besides, I have the waterproof case for it which works a treat, as demonstrated when snorkelling in Thailand some years ago. That camera is staying.

Otherwise, many gifts (particularly cash) were for Baba, who is quite possibly richer than me right now. Didn't get anything woolly or fibre related but rarely do..... unless there's something specific I want and shout loud enough, folk consider me to have enough already (as if!) I did get these fab sheep socks from Bow, Tom's sister...

I trust everyone had a good few days? Ours was relatively quiet.... saw plenty of family but managed to avoid wearing myself out or getting ill again. The energy levels are rather depleted right now. Did manage to stay away from technology for xmas day and boxing day, leaving me in dire need of catching up! (one day I'll get on top of this communication business......)

BTW, Tom hasn't exactly won the bet but he will. Considering that the first week after release of the book included xmas, I'm pretty chuffed to have had any sales at all, let alone be over half way to the first 100.

My timing isn't good (is it ever?) but I am working on a advertising/marketing campaign for the new year. Need to work on some graphics for AD's today, as well as put some well-worded speil together. Another avenue that popped into my head is podcasts... have got any magazines etc sussed for who I will send a copy of the book to for review, but I'm not up with the current podcasts.

So... can anyone recommend a decent podcast for review of my book? I know a few, the UK ones obviously, yet am looking for something else in the right market area - there's no point in me pimping my book to beginner knitters or style traditionalists who would take one look at my stuff and shriek in horror! The book is for intermediates and above, and would welcome a more adventurous audience (unless anyone thinks otherwise?) It would also suit those who love their techniques, being as the kitchener is so heavily explored and explained. So any suggestions for places to market and get reviews would be very much welcome. Have got bulk copies on order, so as soon as they arrive they can go in the post - can also email PDF copies too.

I was thinking that after the book was done, I could have a break. Oh no. My brain won't let me. I have one big design job coming up which is perfectly manageable (and rather exciting!) but my brain has well and truely latched onto the idea of book no.2. Well, and book no.3 but methinks one at a time is enough. I was wanting to do more colourwork for Going Straight but the designs didn't work out as I liked, so shelved a lot of it. Now, it's all I can bloody well think about. But hey, there's no rush, right?

Right, had better get on whilst I'm still awake.

Oh, before I forget - Ravellers are organising a day trip to Get Knitted on the 12th January, and I'm sorely tempted (energy permitting) Is anyone I know going? Any other London knitters that I can share a train journey with? Could do with some encouragement.... if I have to travel by myself I may bottle it... ;)

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