So, the book is finished. The files have been uploaded to Lulu and the proof copy ordered. Once I've received the proof copy and am happy with it, it goes on general sale. This could be by the weekend, depending mostly on how long it takes to get here. Yep, we're relying on good 'ol Royal Mail. Jeez.

I am also very grateful for MIL's who live within a 3 mile radius and who also have wireless broadband to help out at the critical stages when your own technology is under attack from gremlins (again).

Meantime, I'm playing the waiting game. Time now suddenly feels in abundance and and for a while I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself! That feeling didn't last long though, and I've made a start on the Beth's Star Blanket.

I'm using a 4ply/fingering 80% Merino/20% Tencel yarn I got from Fyberspates - it has a lovely drape and sheen, and of course will be machine washable. The true colour is much more turquoise and green. It needs a 3mm hook, so not a quick project, but coming along nicely and absolutely perfect for keeping me out of trouble this week.

I've already started getting the pattern photos & details for the book up on Ravelry and the website, so everything will be in place when the book is launched. Meantime, I'm *really* looking forward to sitting and watching some trash TV and/or films whilst crocheting away. Bliss.

Today may be a bit weird. It's been a few years since I've had one, but I've been assigned another social worker. It's all procedural I'm told, with my health problems and pregnancy, and she's coming round this afternoon so I can meet her for the first time. I'm already starting to feel a bit violated and uncomfortable, but that could just be the pregnancy hormones.

It could be an emotional week. Rescue Remedy is at hand.

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