Boy, has this week been seriously stressful. Not only with all the website problems but just 'stuff' in general. Head has been down, still not really chatting or talking much via email, phone or in person - am conserving all my energies and focus for the book.

The book is going well. I'm learning a lot, a heck of a lot really. Not only about layout, content etc but also about my software. In terms of the graphics, I'm trying to keep it pretty simple. So many knitting books have what I consider to be a 'fussy' layout and that kinda thing puts me off. A lot of that is down to taste, though. I also know from my teaching days that an over emphasised layout, or basically too many colours or boxes can be really confusing on the eye. Clean and clear is the key to absorbing information. Information needs to broken up though, into bite-size chunks, so it's about finding the balance too.

On the other hand though, I'm trying to get it to look professional rather than it be stinkingly obvious that it's self published. There's a fine line, it seems. Graphic design isn't my forte, so am sticking to what I know best... I could try and 'jazz' it up but it would end up looking bloody awful. In the same vein, each tiny detail is being considered, as it's often these little things that make all the difference.

On another note, am I the only one who's feeling a bit despondent with Ravelry at the moment? There's been too much negativity lately for my liking and it's hard to not let it seep in. So many discussions regards copyright, copying designs etc etc that it gets so disheartening. Another trend I've noticed - folk seem so quick to jump and accuse or be angry or judge - it's all making me feel uncomfortable. It may just be due to the fact that I'm sitting on this side of the fence, as a designer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds themselves forced to justify what they do - at times it feels like a 'them versus us' situation which isn't necessary at all. Don't know if there is a divide or if it's just a result of some remarks or opinions, but it's unsettling. Anyhow's, I'm sitting back from it all for a while... I won't withdraw completely as my patterns are up there, so just taking a back seat.

I seem to have swatch fever. All this book work has meant a lack of knitting and my hands are getting itchy! There are loads of ideas floating round in my head for designs yet I'm not sure there's enough space in my brain to work any of them through.... they are all getting scribbled down though.

Think there maybe one or two I can formalise, as I want to get some submissions off - including one to the new online magazine The Inside Loop. I'm thinking of using some silk yarns for these new designs, being as they'll be spring submissions, so shall be keeping my eyes peeled at this saturday's S'n'B day. Yep, I'll be there! Not sure how sociable I'll be feeling but I'll drag meself along regardless ;) I'll be the slightly pregnant looking one hunting for a seat...

And finally, talking of pregnancy... I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow! Where the hell does time fly? Here's some shots of Baba from our recent scan, and everything's fine and dandy. Mind, Baba insisted on sleeping and yawning through the whole event despite the sonographer's best efforts, so it was difficult to see what was going on at all.

Mr Tom has treated me to a proper pampering by buying me a reflexology session or two - have the first one this lunchtime. You gotta love him.

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