Ok chart lovers, I could do with your feedback here please!

For the layout of the charts, I basically have two options. As said before there just isn't space to have them lovely and big, so compromises are needed. I'm also having to re-arrange the way the photos are set up, as not only is the page count getting too much, but the maximum file size has been exceeded. Sigh. Much of this editing is juggling more than anything else.

Anyhow, the 2 chart options:-

Option A
This is where all the charts are at the maximum width of the page, rather than to scale. This means the simpler charts with less rows/stitches are lovely and clear and the more complex ones are at a typical scale/size... same width, but requiring a touch of squinting.

This one looks ok in terms of layout, as everything is the same width, but the scale thing looks a little weird....

Option B
This is where all the charts are to the same scale, so therefore have varying widths and sizes. It might cut down the page count by a few, but not many, so that isn't the biggest issue. Layout with this one looks better as the scale is the same.

My concern is that all the charts, if to the same scale (which will be in line with the largest one) will all have a touch of squinting requirements. Compared to other charts I've seen in other books, they aren't dissimilar in size, and are at the smaller end of the spectrum.


Any thoughts? I know that chart users are kinda used to having to photocopy and enlarge to get things clearer, and I would like to eliminate that problem but I can't completely. It won't take me more than an hour or so to rezise to the best option, so please shout now which you'd think is better! I've spent ages deliberating over this one and would like to get it resolved ASAP.


Thanks for the feedback! Have spent all afternoon trying out the sizes, scaling etc and then printing a few pages at a time to see how things work. Even though keeping them all to the same scale is the neatest idea in principle, it doesn't happen like that when printed out! Not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong, or whether it's the charting software or just the complexity of some charts vs space.... whatever it is, the pages end up looking really messy and some of the charts are too hard to read for my liking.

Unless I can work out if/what I'm doing wrong, I'm gonna stick to option A, which in practice seems to be neater generally. The difference in scale is a little odd, but not untidy, and keeping all charts the same physical dimensions evens things up a bit. Option A is closer to being in scale for yarn gauge, rather than all the same size squares, if you know what I mean! It's difficult to explain without showing the charts... and I can't do that as each one is the pattern in itself!

The PDF idea is a good one, but I don't think I can send out automatic PDF's when someone buys a paper copy of the book.... and to do it manually would be a logistical nightmare, particularly when Baba is born or we get on the road - won't be able to get things out as easily or quickly. That just isn't feasible, I'm afraid :(

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