So I'm providing charts and written instructions for each pattern, 24 patterns. Some of them have 2 or more charts and space is getting to be an issue - have already conceded the fact that I will go over my estimated page count!

However, I was considering putting charts together in groups, so the written instructions would be with the main picture, materials needed etc... then a direction towards page number xx for the chart(s). Won't need to do with it will all of them, maybe a third or half. There'd be up to 3 charts on a page, so that could be three separate Hat charts, labelled of course. Page size is roughly 8" x 11.5".

Is this a bad idea and make it more confusing or does it make logical sense? I would like to keep the details for each pattern together but am gonna need to compromise somewhere for formatting & space so this is one option.

Don't want to make the charts too small to squeeze them in, but neither can I make them as large as I'd like... they are kinda medium sized at the moment ;)

Or.... I could have all the charts together in one section at the back? Actually, from a neatness point of view this isn't a bad option.... could have all the photos together, all the written instructions together, then all the charts..... after all, all the tutorials are grouped as such...

Any thoughts?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead