Realising that Baba will be arriving in a few months, and that at some point we will be getting on the road (more about that later) I started to think about how I could maintain the same level of help, advice and technical support that I offer now. Tricky, methinks, when you've just given birth and can hardly stay awake.

So I figured (with a helpful nudge from Susoolu) that a Ravelry group would be a good way to go. And so it is done. There are two other moderators for now, both of whom are technically minded enough to help out should I not be able to (provided of course they are happy to do that!) and know my methods of working. (I know I said I'd be taking a back-seat with Ravelry for a while, and I am still, but I will be checking in with this group)

I haven't sent out stacks of invites, just enough to get the group started..... I'd sooner folk joined because they wanted to rather than because I've spammed them! The group is called 'Wormhead's Hats' - so feel free to share your wacky Hat trials and tribulations.

The book is a matter of weeks away.. and it's dead scary as well as exciting. I can't wait to see it finished but boy am I dithering. I have spent *hours* on the formatting and layout, getting pedantic and downright anal about everything.... which in this case is a good thing, as at least there'll be a chance that I'll be happy with the end product!

So yep, it'll be out before xmas.

I'm also planning a series of posts about the process, the finances etc etc for anyone else mad enough to consider doing such a thing. I've learnt a lot, and thought it'd be useful to share.

Anyhow, I'd better stop wibbering on and do some work.....

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