The 1st UK S'n'B day yesterday was fab. Judging by the amount of people in there, a total success too. There's bound to be some good shots of the event on various blogs (I'm told Badger has a few to share) meantime I can share my modest booty.

From the left: 100g of 80% Alpaca/20% silk 4ply/sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio, 100g of pure Silk aran from Fluffenstuff and 100g of 55% BFL/45% Silk from Fyberspates. All in the yummiest colours - true colourways are much warmer than shown here.

From the left: 100g of the brightest Wensleydale aran from the Wensleydale Sheep Shop, I ball each of Lion Brand Lion-Wool in natural white and flower garden prints, both from Banyan Tree Yarns. The Lion Brand balls are in odd sizes... the white is 88g and the print 78g.... uh? Still, I wanted to try their pure wool and it'll be used for patterns (obviously!)

Finally on the yarn front we have 2x50g of Garthenor Organic Shetland DK in a yummy milk chocolate brown.

I also managed to find an old Hat knitting pattern on the KCG stand so parted with a donation and bought it home:-

My work stash did pretty well, didn't it? I mean, most of my stash is work stuff - single skeins and oddments all for patterns and Hats. I'm glad I got some silk and silk blends, as I can now keep my fingers busy with yet more swatches for those patterns ideas... I need something to keep the hands from getting itchy of an evening, after I've exhausted my brain with the book.

There were stacks of familiar faces there yesterday as well as a few new ones, so waves going out to everyone! I had fun indeed. Didn't get involved in any of the workshops or other areas of entertainment as I just wasn't feeling up to it, though I'm sure plenty did and will tell all. My only complaint would be that it was way too hot in there - but that's down to the venue management rather than the guys at Iknit... I couldn't hack more than 20 minutes before needing to go outside and cool down, and found myself come over a bit wobbly more than once. But hey, I am nearly 6 months pregnant.

Off now to do some bus work (or watch Tom do some bus work) as I left him to it yesterday whilst I socialised networked. Here's hoping the next week is far less stressful and I can stop being a moody cow...

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