Well, sort of.

Tutorial swatches. There are loads of them! There are currently 51 full colour photos in the techniques section alone, more may be added later on. For the time being though, the tutorials are all done. Phew.

So I've been fiddling with the layout, using my visual brain, thinking about how clear I want things and how easy on the eye. This isn't as easy as it may seem when you have a lot of information and patterns to include in a limited amount of pages.

I've been doing my research, seeing how other pattern books have been laid out. I don't have many, mainly Hat books and some Teva Durham etc. I've read that some designers don't like to buy or even see other patterns, as they like to keep their designing pure. I get this, but for me I like to see how others' have done something, and try to do something different. The layout I'm going with is a break from the norm, so we shall how well that goes down (or not)

For the time being, any personal or chatty emails will need to be on hold, sorry. I need the focus for working all this out. There's also a lot of emails back and forth with the tech editor sorting stuff out, so what with using all my visual brain for the layout and now my technical brain for the pattern edits etc, there's not much else of me left.

I'll still reply to enquiries and 'business' emails, and will get round to responding to blog comments once the worst of this is over. My inbox has been chocker with questions, and I have found myself helping many folk out, particularly with resizing 'other' Hat patterns! I don't mind doing it at all, but it does make me wonder sometimes, especially as I won't be able to keep up that kinda service when we get on the road or when Baba gets here.

Thank you for the feedback on looking after the ankles. They are getting better, after plenty of TLC and Arnica cream.

Oops... nearly forgot. Before I go, there's another freebie pattern available. There have been a number of custom Hats finished here lately, many less than I've received interest for - I just don't have the time to make them all! However, this one was a quick, fun knit so wrote it all down and uploaded it to the website. It's a straight forward pattern, so didn't want to charge for it. This one was knitted with a strand of Aran and DK together, yet the gauge is a standard chunky so easily substituted. There are 3 adult sizes included and the pattern is called 'Bridget'.

Think that's me done for now.....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead