My, what an original blog post title.

Before I start, just incase Bloglines picked it up, there was another post which has now been deleted. Fueled by anger, some stuff had to be got off my chest... only I didn't like the way it read hence the deletion. Still, venting did it's job and kicked me into motion.

First off, the first purchasable pattern for what feels like an eon. 'ColdHarbour Twist' is a beret on the bias. It has two style options - regular beret and pixie beret, and comes in 4 sizes. It's unusual for me to have a ribbed brim as normally ribbing bores me silly when used like this, but I think it works alright.

I used Coldharbour Mill wool DK (hence yet another imaginative title) with a gauge of 24sts to 10cm/4" on 3.25 mm. I'd say use DPNs as always although I found a circular handy for working the main body... there's something about loose Hats on the bias which pushes the stitches off the needles - same happens with Whirly Rib.

I'm happy with it, but not as happy as I could be. The pattern is perfectly good enough, don't get me wrong, just think I could have made more of the bias effect, so will endeavour with more designs and see what happens. Did have a job getting the increase/decrease techniques to look right - it's frustrating how many combinations don't sit nicely together, especially on Moss stitch. Got there in the end though.

The pixie version is a little trickier to block nicely, so this is your warning! I'd always say to block a beret flat and round, but that's not easy to do with the pixie peak, so you need to juggle between laying it on it's side and then back to flat circular. The beret version doesn't have this problem, but I wanted to keep the pixie version as an option, so have mentioned the blocking thang in the notes.

It's all ready up on the website, usual price of £2, on the 'Beret's & Caps' pattern page.

Baby Jester Hat has finally been photographed and the PDF uploaded to the 'Free Patterns' pattern page. Just like the adult version it was a pig to photograph nicely - those points just won't behave themselves! The photo is OK, and you get the jist. Like the other baby Hats it uses aran/worsted weight yarn with a gauge of approx. 18-20sts to 10cm/4".

Not sure how many more baby versions of the free patterns I can do at the moment... have thought about resizng them all but that's too much for my brain right now.

Finally, I have reworked 'Runnin' Beanie' but I'm still not happy with the pattern. The pattern itself (the instructions) work fine and it makes more sense than it did first time round; it's the resizing that's the issue. The dropped stitches in the repeat make it harder to go for the usual sizes in 2" increments - the way it's written at the moment allows for 4" difference between the sizes, which isn't good enough in my mind.

I know it's a free pattern and all that, but I loathe having a one sized pattern for a Hat - one of my biggest bugs with Hat patterns everywhere is this daft assumption that 'one size fits all' as it damn well doesn't - so I don't fancy being hypocritical.

Blimey, do I still sound negative? Tom's putting my moods down to tiredness, but I think I need the Happy Pills again. Have survived without them for a couple of months now which is a fair shot - wanted to try for a short while to see how I got on before dashing back to them. But I don't think it's working - all the tell-tale signs are here and it's time to concede before things get out of hand.

Off for a nap now. What do you think of the new one, 'Coldharbour twist'? Good design, mediocre or downright naff?

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