Shit man, where did October come from?!

And it's Ally Pally next week.... blimey. That just came out of nowhere. I'm not sure if I'm going this year. As much as it would be a huge (and I mean huge) shame not to go, if I'm not needed I'll be making use of my time elsewhere, being as time is my enemy once again. scrap that - I will now be there on thursday and friday.

My handspun will be there too! I have another outlet - Foreign Strand - (where I'll be loitering helping for the 2 days) and have been trying to make sure that Luciana has sufficient stock for the show but boy, is spinning killing my back or what. Fellow pregnant spinners or spinning mum's - is this normal? I mean, I know the back ache is but how have other folk coped with spinning in this condition?

Woke up at a stupidly early hour this morning panicking about just about everything. About next week, about the amount of work I haven't been doing and about the book. The book. Man, I feel like I've been sitting on my backside for the last few months, which has been getting lardier and lardier (yeah, I know that I'm pregnant and this will happen but still) and suddenly Autumn is here, nay, Winter soon, and the book ain't ready!

So I shall ban myself from all knitting and crochet activity until I have photographed the tutorials (way too much of a distraction, especially as Pregnant Brain Syndrome likes to forget there are other things to do and sit in the sofa with telly on and knit) I suspect that I may become more of a recluse than I already am (if that's possible?)

The patterns are with the Tech Editor and main photos with the Photographer, so my job this week is to sort the tutorials. I may have to start practising behaving like a Project Manager and kick some ass, starting with myself. Actually, I think part of my problem is that I'm a bit daunted by it all, and I really need to get over that.

Meantime, I can show you this:-

It doesn't look up to much as I'm just about to block it. It turned from an idea in my head (strangely, I have lots of ideas for Hats right now) into a pattern more as an exercise for my mushy brain. It's kinda cool to have finished a new pattern with my head in this state, though we should reserve judgement until it's blocked and ready.

The pattern is already written (good girl, good girl ;) and just needs a couple of extra sizes added. Something I want to do after the book is finished is go through my existing patterns and add extra sizes... shouldn't be a problem but I don't need that kinda distraction right now. I must focus on the book. There's lots of tweaking I want to do to existing patterns but not now, later.

Repeat after me:- "Must get off backside and work on book. Must get off backside and work on book......."

ETA - if I owe you an email and you haven't heard from me yet, please forgive me. The inbox has been chocker lately and there are only so many emails I can respond to before I feel 'talked out'. Besides, you don't really wanna be chatting to me when I'm stressed ;)

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