Finally, after the car accident, our car is back on the road. The insurance company did write it off, over a cracked bumper if you must know, but that's insurance companies for you.

There was no structural damage, nothing that would deem it unroadworthy. The delay in getting back on the road came from the 4 week wait to have the VIC done. Then it needed a new MOT.... only because any current certificate is ripped up when a car is written off. As usual, the work needed for the MOT was minimal and now she's chugging us around again.

Not that being able to drive the car again is much use to me, 'cos I can't.

The falling out of the bus accident. It seems I now have some sort of secondary injury, in the right ankle. And it's bloody painful.

Y'see, at the time, we all thought they were wizards in A&E for x-raying the foot and being discharged in under 2 hours. Now I know differently, as not only have they failed to pass on any reports to my GP, they also failed to tell me how bad sprains can be. They also failed to check for any ligament or tendon damage, and they also failed to check the right ankle at all! They told me I'd be right as rain within a week, and had to make a plee for crutches.

There was damage to the muscle in the right shin, and there are still lumps there now, 5 months on. So having that ankle swell and moan was no real surprise.

The right ankle is fed up with compensating for the left ankle, which is still causing problems with walking. Add to that the additional weight being carried and the ban on anti-inflammatory tablets, and we have one pissed off ankle. Well, two actually, except the right ankle is fed up with going unheard and is now screaming.

And of course, as no hospital notes were ever passed to my GP, referral for physiotherapy has taken forever.

So I'm laid up again, waiting for physio. Sitting here procrastinating about book formatting and technical photographs, having a bit of a whinge.

But I am back on the happy pills again, albeit a milder, pregnancy safe variety, so any time soon I'll be metaphorically bouncing around.

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